sweetLana tube amplifier [work in progress]

Control Board:
  • Inrush current limiter
  • mains filter ( max. 4A)
  • DC Block circuit 500VA
  • temperature sensor
  • LCD-Display
  • Heater Voltage measurement
  • mains voltage monitoring
  • Remote Control (RC5)
  • primary transformer Fuses on Board
  • relays control
Heater power supply: 
  • 3x 6,3V max. 3A (Heaters preamp)
  • 3x 18,9V max. 5A (Heaters poweramp) with current measurement interface
  • each voltage got on 17.100µF capacitors
  • softstart
  • LM350/LM338 voltage regulator (Ripple rejection ratio ~75dB)
High Voltage power supply


  • 1x bias voltage -150V 0,1A | 330µF
  • 1x preamp voltage +330V 0,15A | 330µF
  • 3x output stage +240V 0,4A | 2310µF
  • each of the five branches got a LR8 adjustable voltage regulator with a darlington Transistor BU931P | Ripple rejection ratio ~ 60dB
Amplifier board: