Nelson Pass First Watt F5 [work in progress]

„All in one“ F5

Schematic taken from Nelson Pass „First Watt“ Website.  Parts designation same as used in the description from the pdf.
Each power rail got 94.000µF, a stereo amp have all together 376.000µF.
Star grounding on PCB to one GND point.

mounting RG178 without connector on the PCB:

thermistors mounting:

Fabric protective sleeve or shrinking tube is needed to mount the ptc thermistors.




thermal coupling:

use a little bit thermal grease between the two transistors. Hold them together with a cable tie or better take a stripe metal.






Heat sink, ~0,2K/W:

Improvement of the coupling between Mosfet and PTC resistor with a copper platelet. 15x15x2mm: